Laboratory for Cognitive Neuroimaging and Stimulation

Cognitive Control

What is the fundamental role of the Anterior Cingulate Cortex in cognitive control and goal-directed behaviour?

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Spatial Cognition

What is the fundamental role of the Parahippocampal Cortex in goal-directed navigation

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Clinical Neuroscience

Do structural and functional alterations in the control and memory systems predict risk for psychiatric disorders?

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Experimental Methods:

We have adopted a parallel approach involving both basic and clinical investigations, using an array of empirical techniques including:

  1. human electrophysiology (EEG and ERPs)
  2. function and structural MRI
  3. diffusion-weighted imaging
  4. genetics
  5. robot-assisted transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS)
  6. multi-modal neuroimaging (EEG-fMRI, EEG-TMS)
  7. virtual-reality (HTC-Vive)
  8. eye-tracking