• Lab on arrival Sept 2016 - I heard a whisper, "If you will build it, they will come... "

Tools of the Trade

  1. Smartmove robotic TMS system
  2. Two brainvision EEG amplifiers, acticaps, portable EEG rig including wireless triggering, recording and analysis software
  3. HTC vive virtual reality system
  4. Eyelink eyetracker system
  5. Soundproof chamber for EEG recording
  6. closed-loop EEG-TMS system (under development)
  7. RUBIC imaging center one floor below the lab ( and 256 channel MRI compatible Hydrocel Geodesic Sensor EEG Net
  8. old school EEG machine from GRASS Instruments (coffee table now but see it in action here)

Robot-assisted Image-Guided Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (Ri-TMS) enables several novel features for TMS research and treatment (e.g. exact targeting, motion compensation, precise continuation of the stimulation across consecutive sessions, multi-site targeting, and controlled coil movement over the scalp during stimulation). One goal of the lab is to identify optimal brain stimulation parameters (targeting site, pulse frequency) for modulating brain activity during goal-directed navigation in both health and disease.

Closed-Loop EEG-TMS Testing whether neural activity can be regulated through TMS in real-time. Our proposed method allows nearly instantaneous signal analysis and conditional TMS pulse delivery, providing unprecedented control to precisely coordinate TMS pulses based on phase and amplitude of cortical oscillation in real-time during goal-directed task performance (work in progress).

EEG and Virtual Reality The combined use of virtual reality and EEG to study neural mechanisms underlying goal-directed navigation. EEG combined with VR makes it possible to correlate humans’ electrophysiological signals with their every single movement in the designed environment.