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Cognitive control functioning in opioid use disorder

Our study

We're looking for adults 18 years and older who currently smoke cigarettes. Testing involves up to three single session lasting up to 2 hours each session. The study involves playing a few computerized tasks while your lie in a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) machine, a safe method for recording brain structure and activity, which require you to lie inside a narrow tube and hold still for up to about 60 minutes. You will also be asked to play computerized games following the application of transcranial magnetic stimulation and we will record your brainwaves (EEG) during these games. Participants will also be asked to complete questionnaires about  themselves, and their drug use history.

Participants are financially reimbursed for their time ($25/hour)

If you are interested in our study and want to learn more, please  read our flyer and contact our researchers.  We thank you very much for your time and interest! Please do not hesitate to contact our research team if you have any questions.

Our team


Dr. Travis E. Baker,
Principal Investigator


Emily Zhang
Study coordinator

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Nicole Lalta,